Monday, February 27, 2006

Colors, Colors, Colors

Received a notice the other day that Jacquard has come out with 7 new Lumiere colors. Now that might not mean much to other folks, but those Lumieres just speak to me. I love them!! So, of course, I had to order them immediately!! I can't wait to see them, especially the Grape, Crimson and Citrine. I even like the sound of the name "Citrine". I'm hoping that the weather will start turning warm very soon so I can get outside and play with my silk scarves and learning to do silk painting. And I want to do some work with the paint techniques I learned in the Sherrill Kahn workshop at John C. Campbell Folk School. So, hurry up weather!!

My mother fell about a week and a half ago and broke her pelvis in two places. At 82 years old, that isn't something that you take lightly. I'll be going to live with her for about two weeks and maybe I can find some time while there to play with some of my toys. I plan to take a lot of them with me and in between her therapy sessions and helping her around the house, I should be able to squeeze in some play time. Sure hope so.

Well, on a totally off-the-subject subject, have to give my chosen partnership on "Dancing with the Stars" a big round of applause. They won!! Way to go Drew and Cheryl.

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