Sunday, August 27, 2006

Asheville Clay Play

Went to Asheville, NC this weekend to play with polymer clay. Got off early from work on Friday and left straight from the office. Spent the night at the definitely no frills EconoLodge and went into Asheville to Bistro 1896 for their wonderful shrimp and polenta cakes dinner. Asheville is such an alive, vibrant town. The streets are crowded with people even at 10 p.m. and everyone is just having a good time - sitting at sidewalk tables at the cafes, strolling, window shopping and enjoying the street performers. And I felt absolutely safe even though I was alone.

Had to get up at the crack of dawn Saturday (hey, I don't normally do 7:15 on Saturday mornings!) and drive over to the Avery Community Center - after breakfast at the Waffle House, of course. And, as is always the case, I was the first one there.

We had such a good time!! We played with our toys, watched a demo by Barb VL on tinting beads with ink and shaving cream and by Maggie on making window clings from liquid polymer clay and then Cynthia showed us all how to fold a wonderful little origami box and lid. I was really sorry to see the day come to an end. The drive back to D'Ville was peaceful and I made it home in 4-1/2 hours including a stop for dinner.

And dumb me, I forgot to take any pictures!!!!!!!!


Mary said...

I have been meaning to come over here for ages and post a reply to your blog. I read it at Bloglines and you can't post comments from there. But it is good for reading bloggers who don't post every day because it lets you know what's new.

It sounds like you had a good time on your weekend art adventure. It is sometimes good to break the normal routine.

Laurie said...

Wow! I sure wish we lived nearer!We would just have too darn much fun togeher! I love polymer clay, althoguh have really just begun playing with it. Have made some pretty cool pens though- do those count to an experienced PC artist? ey, baby steps, right :). Seriously, you get to NY, yu better stop in!