Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So, What Can I Say?

Today wasn't a really wonderful day. I've been so busy at work and today nothing seemed to go right. No serious problems, just a continuous series of little ones. Emails that didn't show up at the other end. Documents that didn't print when sent to the printer. Everyone on edge because they are so busy. I kept telling myself "busy is good, busy is job insurance," but myself kept me that it didn't believe a word of it.

Decided, once again, to go to Asheville this weekend. I had originally scheduled a trip for Gene and me for a long weekend. The trip was scheduled around a polymer clay Play Day with the members of the Asheville guild. But that trip got cancelled and I decided to just drive up on Friday night, spend the night in a hotel and attend play day on Saturday. Then I cancelled that after I got to thinking how crazy it was to drive all the way to Asheville for a something like this plus pay for a motel and gas. Then today I got to feeling sorry for myself because it was such a cruddy day at work and decided, with Gene's strong encouragement, to just go ahead and treat myself to this day with creative friends, costs be damned (yeah, right). So I made cheaper hotel reservations and I'll be off to Asheville Friday afternoon. Makes me feel better just thinking about it. I'm convinced the Southern Comfort dinner at Bistro 1896 on Friday night will be a great way to mark an end to an otherwise unmemorable week.

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