Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Glorious Weather

Beautiful, beautiful weather here in not at all Hotlanta! The skies have been crystal clear and the light quality is amazing. Everything seems to have a golden glow to it. Nights have been almost cold and the days have been just glorious. Of course, I have to spend the largest part of each day behind walls 47 floors off the ground, but those lunch time trips out of the office are fantastic. And I'm seeing more sunshine at lunch than usual - two weekends ago they imploded the building directly across the street from us and it's amazing how much more light there is, primarily because you now see beautiful blue sky where once you saw dirty white marble. It wasn't a huge building, not nearly as big or as tall as the one in which I work, but it still filled up the space. Better enjoy it while we can, an even bigger building is going up in its place.

I just love the weather when it's like this. Warm days and cool nights. With lots and lots of golden light.

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