Monday, October 23, 2006

Yikes! Cold Weather!

I really wasn't prepared for it to be so cold when I went out for lunch today! I'm totally spoiled - there are days when I go straight from my house to my car to the underground parking garage to my office to my car to my house without really even knowing what the temperature outside is! Today is just beautiful, clear skies, bright sunshine and, I know now, COLD!

Spent the weekend with my mother in Warner Robins and she and my husband and I went to the Mossy Creek Festival, an outdoor craft festival which is held every spring and fall. The weather could not have been any better. Just cool enough to allow us to walk without getting overheated and just warm enough for my mother not to freeze (she's exceedingly cold natured - anything below 85 is cold to her!). Mostly just walked around and looked at things. I did buy a metal praying mantis for my garden but don't have a picture as I'm having to wait for it to be delivered. My husband is still giving me strange looks over this one. It's one of those "you have to see it" kind of things. Ought to look great with the blue and copper lizard I have hanging on the fence {grin}. I took a few pictures of some of the booths, etc. and didn't realize until we returned home that I didn't get a single picture of any of us! D'uh!! Now to see if I can scrap a page without pictures of us on it!

Plans are completed and firmed up for my trip to the Clay Carnival in Las Vegas in December. Now I've got to spend a few evenings making 75 polymer clay poker chips to swap with the other attendees. I've decided on doing inkjet transfers with an oriental theme (I know, I know, you knew all along it would be oriental didn't you). I wish they had decided to do ATCs instead of poker chips but we'll just see how they turn out. Cutting out 75 little circles. Making 150 transfers (1 on each side). Hmmm, maybe I should plan on getting started tonight!!

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