Friday, November 17, 2006


Saw an ad in our little local advertising publication for a company named "Ponderings". This company builds landscape ponds, water features, etc. I really loved the name of this company, loved the play on words. But then, I love words. I'm not good with them, but I love them. I do most of my creative endeavors under the name Gypsy Gold Studio because that name summons images of big, dangly gold earrings and I dearly love big, dangly gold earrings. The words "Gypsy Gold" just appeal to me. Gene and I were on one of our camping trips at FDR State Park one year when we passed a little junk type store on the side of the road. It was named "Consolidated Diversification" and I immediately responded to the name. That is such a wonderful juxtaposition of words and it describes me so perfectly. It's just ME! Consolidated - to unite or combine. Diversification - the act of introducing variety. A united and combined variety of activities and interests. I love it. I have a sister-in-law who is a wonderful wordsmith. She is a breast cancer survivor (11-12 years now) and she wrote the most beautiful poem. I include it here for your reading pleasure:

I Can Fly

First, I imagine a warm sunny day,
Take a deep breath and let my mind play.
I bask in the sunlight,
Then look toward the sky.
The burden is lifted, now I can fly.

From the tip of the grass, to the top of a tree.
There isn’t a mountain too tall for me.
I swing on a rainbow, dance on a star,
Tasting life’s nectar, both here and afar.

I light on a jasmine, then float in the breeze.
Without a disturbance, I do as I please.
Quietly, blissfully, I start to cry. Because
Just for a moment, I believe I can fly.

Jane Barton Jackson
Breast Cancer Survivor


Chandra said...

I'm glad Cowgirl is on the mend!

I totally understand your attraction to words. I'm the same way. I actually keep a list on my computer of cool band names. And like you, I take note of cool and interesting business names. There's a hair salon not far from where I live called "Hair Peace." At first I didn't like it, but as I pass it every day on my way to work, the name has grown on me.

If you only have 30 some odd minutes to commute to downtown Atlanta, you must not live too far out in the burbs. Sometimes I think I'd like to work at home so I won't have to make the commute every day. But I'd miss the social interaction with my colleagues.

I can't listen to tapes in the car though - traffic is too hairy!

Lena Brandenburg said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad! You have a way with words :)