Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Networked!!

I am so psyched! I networked our home computers this weekend. That's right, little ole' me. I did it all with only about 20 minutes of help (and 30 minutes of being on hold) from the Linksys Help Desk {grin}.

Now I can sit in front of the TV with the laptop and surf the internet while watching NCIS. Life is good. Even more time wasted!!

Actually, the real reason I wanted to do this was so that Gene would be able to read his email and be on the internet at the same time I am so I wouldn't have to turn over my computer to him. Never come between a woman and her computer. He had his own computer downstairs in his office, but it wasn't hooked up to the internet. Now it is!! The next step is to figure out how to set the encryption on the network so I'm not providing internet service for my neighbors. And doing it without locking MYSELF out of my own network.

The only bad thing was, when I went down to his office and turned his computer on to start the networking process, his computer died. Just went belly-up on me. Blue screen of death, the whole thing. I finally got it started but it was acting really "hinky" (good, old-fashioned word) so I ended up buying him a new computer. Since he only uses his computer for word processing (and now surfing the net), I didn't have to get him a high-powered computer so was able to hold the cost down. His computer was old, old, old so I wasn't surprised that it died, I was just not really thrilled with the timing. But he is now a happy camper, as am I. Just a little poorer. And we still have some stuff to transfer over from his old computer to his new one - if I can keep the old one running long enough.


Hummie said...

Yeah! I remember when we first got ours.

The encryption is not too lynksis back! lol!

Now you need to network your laptop to your desktop. :)

Mary said...

I am going to try this again. Ever since I switched to the new Blogger, I have trouble leaving comments on other blogs. They keep disappearing.

I wanted to congratulate you on your networking project.

Hope this time it works.