Monday, December 31, 2007

The Fog Comes in on Little Cat Feet

Atlanta Fog
A great way to end 2007 - with this picture made from the window of the conference room on my floor (47) of my office building. Yesterday we had a very dense fog which is quite unusual for Atlanta. Driving in to work I wondered to myself if the fog layer was higher than our office building (55 stories) and what it would look like. I was astounded when I went to the conference room and looked towards downtown. It was beautiful. I took lots and lots of photos and most of them turned out reasonably good. I chose this one because it shows the movement of the fog up the sides of the tall buildings. Most of the buildings you can see are over 40 stories. What a fun time I had taking pictures of this. Hope you like it.

Happy New Year!

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Mary said...

Neat photo! The fog can be so pretty as long as you don't have to drive through it.

There were several web cams in the Smokey Mts. that would often be above the fog. I have seen some beautiful views there. I need to check to see if they are still there. Will share the link if they are.

Happy New Year to you!