Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clay Carnival Comes Late

Well, the post *about* Clay Carnival comes late. After all, it was held in early December of 2007. But I still want to do the post and show the pictures. Clay Carnival was once again (and probably for the last time) held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. Three days of polymer clay classes, 3 classes a day! Yikes! I got a chance to hook up with my friends from last year, Vickie, Lisa, Julie and Donna, and we added a few new members to the "family" this year, Rita, Susie and Sandra. Our family is growing by leaps and bounds. The original family had a meet-up at Lisa's condo on Thursday night for chips, dips, etc. and we exchanged the little items we had made for each other and did an early poker chip exchange. I had spent the entire day Thursday walking the strip and taking pictures. Sure wish I had already gotten my wonderful camera. The pictures turned out ok, but the new camera would have done a much better job. And I didn't take a single picture during the classes.

Clay Carnival was fun, but very tiring. And because of the number of classes that are squeezed into every day, they all have to be either very simple classes or they become classes that you can't finish. I've decided that I much prefer two day workshops with a single instructor. Or at least an all-day workshop rather than 3 classes in one day. I'm glad I did Clay Carnival and I'm glad I got to spend some time with my "mother" and my "sisters". On Saturday, Lisa, Vicki and Sandra presented me with a pacifier and a baby bib with the words, "I'm the Little Sister" embroidered on it. Too much fun!! I wore it to the Pizza Party and had a great time with it. It is so sad to think that I will probably never get to see most of "my family" again. I know that I won't be returning to Clay Carnival. Vickie and Sandra live in Canada, Lisa lives in the Bahamas and Susie lives in California. Julie lives in North Carolina and I hope to get to see her at the BRPCG Play Day in April and Rita, who lives in Singapore, actually spends quite a bit of the year in Atlanta and I get to see her at the GAPCG meetings. (She left last week to return to Singapore, but she'll be back and I look forward to having her return to Atlanta.)

Now for the pictures:

1. Venetian, 2. Venetian, 3. MGM Grand, 4. Caesar's Palace, 5. Paris, 6. New York New York, 7. Mirage with volcano, 8. Venetian, 9. Siegfried & Roy, 10. Toby & Rita, 11. Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace, 12. MGM Grand Lobby, 13. Venetian, 14. MGM Grand Staircase, 15. Casinos, 16. View from Hotel Room - Day, 17. Hotel Room View - Night

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Susie said...

Aww, Ernie, you definitely brought some memories back to me.