Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Giant Leap

After my journey yesterday I told my husband that we were definitely going to make some changes to our mailbox. We don't have the kinds of covenants, restrictions etc. that would keep me from doing so. We have one of the really large country-style mailboxes so that we can receive packages, and I had already (a couple of months ago) painted it with some Hammered Bronze paint. Now I am going to really get carried away and decorate it with abandon. No more boring mailbox!!!! Ok, I'm not going to build a metal cat to go around it, cover it with fake fur or anything, but it is going to be something that others will notice (I hope). I'll be the only person on the block with a Sherrill Kahn inspired mailbox! I'll have to wait for the weather to get better, but then it's ON! I'm not truly a "wild and crazy guy" kind of person, but I am trying to break out of THAT particular box. One small step for Ernie, one giant leap for Ernie the Artist!


Krafty Kat said...

Now, see, I'd drive to the other side of town to see the fake fur version. Can't wait, though!

Laurie said...

Good for you! Inspire the rest of us with pics of your masterpiece!