Thursday, February 07, 2008

Photographs Not Taken

On my way to work Monday morning, I got on the interstate at my usual
entrance which has a wide-open horizon for about 1/2 mile. Then the
roadway goes into trees, over hills, loads of billboards, etc., etc.
The sky directly ahead of me was incredible. The overhead sky was a
beautiful early morning robins egg blue. On the left side brilliant
white clouds formed a wonderful pizza pie triangle with the point
stopping exactly in the middle of the horizon at ground level. A
rainstorm had just gone through and on the right side was a completely
matching dark black storm cloud triangle with it's point touching the point
of the white clouds. It was breathtaking!! But by the time I
could get safely off the interstate I wasn't able to see it. So, being
the foolhardy person I am, I backed up (on the shoulder of the
interstate) trying to get back to the original point. But by then it
was gone.

I'm sorry that I missed the photographic opportunity, but I'm really,
really glad that I'm developing the eye to see these things. And that I
had the opportunity to see it. Like seeing a full rainbow, it was a
special thing.


Hummie said...

The weather around here as been really crazy too. It snows on Friday and is 72 on Monday and then tornadoes, then cold again...crazy! Glad you were safe.

Laurie said...

Hahahahah! I did something like that once. It was on the interstate I travelled every morning to school. I crossed a bridge and could see an old railroad bridge down the river with what looked like little red monkeys on it! I know, strange. Everytime I saw them, every morning, they just made me smile. So one morning I took my camera, parked off the bridge and walked back, trucks and semis blazing by me, and took a pic. When I got home, I had to zoom in and see what made them look like they did. It was simply the combination of rusting and weathering, and I was kind of sorry I took that close a look afterwards. But I still say "Good morning Little monkeys," everytime I pass, and the funny thing is, others know exactly what I'm referring to when I mention the monkeys on the bridge... not everyone... but enough folks so I'm not thinking I'm totally loopy! :) Sometimes, you just have to get the shot when you can, or at least sit and enjoy the view.