Monday, March 10, 2008

First Ever

This is my first ever attempt at doing watercolor. Don't laugh, we all have to start somewhere. I did a quick sketch in pencil, inked in the lines I wanted to keep and then used my new Cotman Travel Kit. And, yes, it is that colorful. I deliberately made my handwriting messy since my normal handwriting is a little too "organized" for what I'm trying to achieve. I think, however, with the handwriting all I achieved is illegibility. Back to my normal handwriting next time. And just in case you're curious, it reads, "a cup of vanilla latte, a few photography magazines, a comfy chair at Borders - Life is good. And my first watercolor attempt."
First Ever Watercolor
Good thing very few people read this blog, I would never have the courage to put this out there otherwise!!


Erin-Joi said...

This looks fantastic for your first attempt at water colors! You should have seen my first attempt. It hit the circular file long before being finished.

Hummie said...

Why would I laugh, Ernie? I think it's awesome! I could never do that.

Mary said...

Your artistic talents are amazing! I would never have guessed this was your first attempt at watercolors.

Anetka said...

this is just great:)
I am awaiting more, more, more, more:)))

clare said...

So glad you posted this is is really very wonderful. As Anetka said More, more, more, Please.