Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Say No

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much time I spend on the internet. I decided today that it was too much. So I've made the decision to spend my time doing something more productive. Blogging, however, is one internet thing I'll continue to do. In it's own way, blogging is productive for me. So today, instead of spending half the morning surfing the internet, reading through the many forums I participate in, etc., ad nauseum, I spent the morning replanting the flower planters on my deck, getting my tomato plants in the ground, talking with my husband and just generally enjoying the beautiful weather. I'm sure I won't be terribly missed online. I know I will have withdrawals. But today was good. I feel good about my decision and productive about my day.

I haven't posted a picture recently - so here's one from the archives. This is an object that is on the side of an old ice cream truck that I photographed a few weeks ago for an online challenge. I'm not sure just what this item is but I found it interesting. Hope you enjoy.

What Were You?


clare said...

Hi Ernie, Here is a link to my sketch of 'Sidekick'.
I know, she is cuter in her photograph. Thank you for allowing me draw her, Clare.

Hummie said...

Good for you for choosing to get off the internet...something we all need to do, including me!

That is a cool photo...I'm just drawn to it in interest...that's what makes good photography.

Anetka said...

can you tell me what's the subject for this photograph please?

btw. you are terribly missed.
thank you again for the comments on my blog.

Anetka said...

but I understand Ernie why you are doing this. It's true that internet, surfing and blogging is kind of an addiction, so it's good that we control the access. Small doses like posting your own stuff and commenting on the blogs you like the most is a solution. Time is precious and (at least if it comes to me) I haven't got that much left:)
ok, ok, I am gone now:)