Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Happens

Well, I was supposed to be in Asheville, NC, this weekend for the BRPCG Play Day. Didn't happen. First dental issues got in the way, painful dental issues, then, as if that weren't enough, some sort of stomach virus kicked in. Friday and the first part of today have not been pleasant at all. But I think I'm now on the road to recovery. My lunch of wonderful Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscana soup (brought to me specially by St. Gene) has managed to stick with me and I've managed to stay out of bed for 4 hours now. HOPE!!

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susie said...

I know, life just gets in the way with all our fun polymer clay fun stuff. I haven't touched any clay for a month now.

As far as the light box, I built this from a piece celing panel. All you have to do is cut it, but it is quite delicate actually. Then I just taped it up. I just purchased a few more lights, but still need lightbulbs. LOL! I have been using it to take better pictures of my pc stuff.

Here are a few pieces that I made in the last couple months.

Not much up there yet. Hopefully, I will be able to play soon.

Hey what pc messageboards to you frequently hang out when you have time?