Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pure Joy

My husband and I sat out on our deck last night, each of us with our sketch/drawing materials and just thoroughly enjoyed life. He had an easel set up and was drawing pictures of some fruit in a bowl, I had my little Aquabee 9x6 sketchbook and was drawing a picture of my coffee cup. When I can get back to my scanner I'll post my page (actually it's just the start of a page). I think I am going to enjoy the sketch journaling. Now I just have to be consistent with it and learn how to use my art supplies. I've started with the Derwent Inktense pencils and am loving them. Not sure how they are supposed to be used, but they are working for me like this so far. Picture later... I've also joined two Yahoo! Groups featuring sketchbook journaling - Everyday Matters and Day2Day. I'm nowhere near the skill or talent level of most of the participants so for awhile I'll just read and learn. Maybe later I'll post some of my pages for them to see - but maybe not. The sketch journaling should be a really good complement to my photography.

My creative life is getting better and better. My real life was and is already good. Nice!!


Anetka said...

Hi Erni, I am so glad you joined EDM group:) I've only read a couple of your posts but you are so energetic and make my creativity jump in my veins:)

I cannot wait to see your work, please don't wait for too long to post it!! just go for it!!
give it to US:)

Bonny said...

Hi Ernie;

Welcome to the EDM group! I have looked through part of your Blog and it's very inspiring. You have such a love of life - it's wonderful!
I agree, don't wait to post your artwork (and maybe that of your husband, too??) We all started somewhere and even when we thought our drawings were not much to look at, it was nice to get feed back and maybe some tips on them too. Plus, it's invaluable as you carry on with your art to look back and see how much you've improved. It's all FUN anyway!
Thanks for your comment on my Blog ;)

Hummie said...

What a cool idea...I wish I had sketch talent---I don't, so I'll enjoy seeing yours all the more.

Sharon said...

You have a lovely and interesting little blog here. Welcome to EDM! It's a great group of very helpful and generous people.