Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Like, You Know..

Do you ever get really, really tired of hearing "You know"? My hubby and I were watching a series of interviews of sports "personalities" the other day during a rain delay in the ball game (yes, I watch the Braves games, sad isn't it). And I could not believe how the entire conversations consisted of a few words followed by "you know" followed by a few words followed by "you know"!!

Well, you know, we just haven't, you know, been playing all that well, you know, and we can't, you know, expect to win if we don't, you know, start picking up our game. I was telling the other guys, like, you know, that it isn't that the other, you know, team is playing all that, you know, great....

Whatever happened to good ole' "uh".

Joy Journal
: A hot cup of coffee waiting for me when I walked in the door after work.


Anetka said...

this one made me laugh:)

it's better to put in words "you know" rather than what most of polish yungsters do...swear word...
I think people no longer know what comma or dot is...they just use these words now instead:)

Shelley said...

Like, I uh, you know, totally agree, you know.