Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to each of you who faithfully checked my blog, who left encouraging comments and who remembered me, my mother and my family in your prayers and your thoughts. You will never know how much it really and truly has helped.

My mother is making good progress now. I was able to come back to work part time two weeks ago and next week will be working full time. I will still be going to my mother's every weekend to stay with her but she is becoming more and more independent and able to care for herself everyday. She is still afraid, and I can totally understand, I would be afraid too. But now her fears are based more on a lack of self-confidence than on reality. Her periods of mental confusion are now almost non-existent and when they occur are very short. [Edited to add: "almost non-existent" seems to have been wishful thinking. But we keep praying]. Her vision has not improved, but neither has it gotten worse and this afternoon she is seeing her eye doctor about a referral to a low-vision specialist.

I'm actually going on a mini-vacation this weekend. My brother will stay with my mother full time so that St. Gene and I can go to Chattanooga to relax, play tourist and get to know each other again! I also plan to get reacquainted with my camera and maybe I'll have some pictures to post when I return Sunday!

Joy Journal: Seeing my mother cook pancakes for breakfast.


Odd Chick said...

I'm so happy to hear good news from you about your mom. I've been checking daily... silly maybe.. it may seem.. but I just got to know you and then this sad thing happened to you and I felt so much for you and the struggle to get through it I knew was going to be tough.You should be so proud of yourself for being such a good daughter and I hope you enjoy your well-deserved rest and I can't wait to see your new photos!

Krafty Kat said...

I am so glad your mother is doing better! I have missed you and have been anxiously waiting for an update.