Friday, August 15, 2008

Same, Same

I just can't seem to get enough of pictures of old, rusty, worn-out things. Not sure what the attraction is (and don't you even think it's because I'M old, rusty and worn-out, even though I am!!). But here's a few of my latest efforts:

I'm having some of my rust/junk photos printed at 11x14 to frame and hang on my family room wall. I've already got some 8x10s hanging in a hallway. Hey, I've got to do SOMETHING with them besides store them on my computer.

Hope you enjoy.

Joy Journal: Digital cameras!!


odd chick said...

Seeing your incredible "rust & junk" has made me look at the farmyard in a different way. Thank u for enhancing my sight and my life.

Laurie said...

Ernie, my friend, your photography is just getting better and better! Love these shots!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley said...


You really must come back to the Creative Photography group...Please?? Your photos are just stunning these days, and you have so many recently that would be perfect for our Pattern Challenge (ending Friday). Or just come back to say hi, and put some of these fun images in your folder!

I love the way you see the beauty in old, rusty stuff.


Suzanne B said...

Wow Ernie! Those junk photos are awesome! The blue one is my favorite and I love the brick as well.

I havne't checked your blog since you posted the OH JOY dog photo - and I'm glad that you have had snippets of time to take some photos.

Suzanne B

Anonymous said...

Ernie! These are great. I love old rusty stuff too. We miss you in the photo group. Thought you had sworn off the computer forever. Sorry to hear about your Mother.


Anetka said...

you've got an eye Ernie:)
awsome pictures!

OltrePupy said...

These photos are very good! Expecially the last one.. it seems a kaleidoscope plays! Great! :D
Sorry if my english is not so good... However I think that this blog is super and i'll link it in my one!
Bye ;)