Thursday, August 28, 2008


Leatherleaf Mahonia
The tired leaves of the summer-loving crepe myrtles are turning to vivid gold and red and falling softly to the surface of the deck. On those few precious minutes that I get to sit on my deck at the end of the day, the table is covered with the remnants of the bright pink petals that are now a dark red turning to brown and falling almost like a soft snow. The light reflecting off the buildings as I drive by them on the way home from work is becoming more golden. The air still feels soft with the remnants of summer heat but there is a little tiny edge to it of crispness that hasn't been there before. And the heavy rains, a much needed gift from Hurricane Fay, have cleaned the air of our normal haze and given it such clarity that I can see the north Georgia mountains from our office windows, high up on the 47th floor of our building.

Fall is coming. And soon. And I welcome it and mourn for summer at the same time. But change is natural, both in my life and in the seasons.

Joy Journal: A soft, cool breeze keeping me comfortable while sitting in the sun at lunch.


odd chick said...

I'm so curious as to what you've done here with this beautiful leaf portrait.... is it a watercolor, or a fancy skill you have with photos.
And thank you for your heartfelt comments on my blog regarding me cutting hay- it meant so much to hear you say it was your favorite!

Shelley said...

That leaf is absolutely beautiful, Ernie! I'm guessing it's a watercolor. If it's Photoshop, I'd love to know how to do that!

You have such a way with words too. Your writing is as lovely and evocative as your photography.


Hummie said...

Really cool--so soothing to look at.