Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Carpet of Gold

Sitting inside on a cold, damp, windy day isn't how I planned to spend my free weekend (my dear sweet husband is at my mother's house babysitting for me). But it has allowed me to do some little things that I have put off doing. Things like opening up the laptop and let it do all of the updating that Windows, Photoshop, etc. all like to do every few minutes. Things like do a little organizing of my photos in anticipation of buying a new desktop computer. And things like (tomorrow) shampooing the carpets - a 19-year old dog creates issues with carpet. I've been away from my blog (and everyone else's, too!) for way too long. I've allowed the drudgery of parts of my everyday life to overwhelm the fun parts. But I'm back now and hope that the postings will be more frequent.

Even though the weather didn't want to cooperate, I managed a walk around a beautiful lake lined with nearly bare trees. I got my feet muddy, well, my shoes, not my feet, but I got up close and personal with an old bridge that I've been wanting to photograph. I watched the sun shine through the leaves as the cold wind made them dance. I saw the beautiful brilliantly blue sky become grey and rainy and then become a beautiful brilliant blue again. I was about a week too late to get the best of the fall color while the leaves were still on the trees but the simple beauty of a starkly bare shrub with just a few remaining leaves was beautiful to see. And the warmth on my hands and feet from the heater in my car when the rain forced me to find shelter was truly glorious. The sugar maple in my front yard has been gorgeous and I've gotten a great deal of pleasure looking out my bedroom window each morning and seeing it's reddish-orange glow. Now the ground beneath it is a bright carpet of gold and yellow. Makes me miss the days when my body was nimble enough to jump into piles of golden yellow, shocking red and muddy brown leaves and scatter them everywhere while my mother was elsewhere raking up new piles. But now I have the pleasure of seeing the beauty in the colors and feeling the glow of the sun as it shines through the leaves remaining on the trees. A blessing of a day.

Joy Journal: Having a stranger give me her unused 50% off coupon at Michael's just as I was making an expensive purchase!

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Anetka said...

Ernie!!! I am so glad to see you back posting. I missed your beautiful pictures and words that make my soul feel at home.
Welcome back, hope you are well and your mum as well.

P.S.I missed you...