Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creative Week In My Future

Dan Cormier Cutting Edge Beads
I am actually planning to take some time for myself next month. Yes, really! I've signed up for two workshops in polymer clay from Dan Cormier, one of the leading innovators in the medium (his site is slow so be prepared). One workshop will be in the general Atlanta area over a weekend and the next one will be in Asheville, NC the following Tuesday and Wednesday. I've made arrangements for Saint Gene and my brother to take over my baby-sitting duties and I'm going to take a WHOLE WEEK just for myself. I'll be staying with a friend in Asheville so my expenses will be only the workshop and food. A sample of some of the gorgeous work he does is in the picture. It involves "ghost imaging" which makes the bead surface look textured but when you touch it, the surface is absolutely smooth (known is "mica shift"). A great look and a great technique and I hope to make some gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry when I return.

I took my mother back to her home for a visit yesterday. She is so homesick and I don't blame her. I know she enjoyed getting a chance to see some of her neighbors but it is going to make tomorrow difficult when I have to go to work and leave her alone again. The dementia seems to be showing signs of progressing and it is getting harder and harder for her to stay at home by herself while I'm at work. A sitter comes in for three hours each afternoon but I feel like pretty soon I will be having to set up adult daycare for her. And then we're talking some serious money. This is a cruel thing that has happened to her and it is really testing my faith. But I'll keep on keeping on. I don't have a choice.

Joy Journal: Sending off my enrollment form for the Cormier workshops!!


Anetka said...

I really admire your love to your Mother. Despite all, you care for her as the best daughter.
You give me so much faith, hope and make me believe that there are still few good people left!

Hope you are going to have a wonderful week and will enjoy making and creating:)
You know sometimes when I have lots of problems making art brings me to the center and solutions and ideas come out of nowhere...

Best wishes and my regards.

Odd Chick said...

It's amazing the choices you're making about your mom even though you recognize the unfairness of what's happening. BUT i'm soosoo excited about your class- can't wait to see what you learned!!