Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Difficult Time

My brother is about to enter a very difficult time in his life.  A cancer has been found in his gum and he is going to have to have some painful surgery followed by some debilitating radiation.  A small part of his lower jaw and gum will need to be removed.  While the doctor has told him it won’t be disfiguring, it will certainly be life altering.  He’s been a heavy smoker for many years and now payment has come due.  But there isn’t any satisfaction in “I told you so”.  My heart is breaking for him and for his wife, who is a 15+ year survivor of breast cancer.  We’ve told my mother that my brother has a small mouth cancer and that he is going to have surgery, all of which is true, but we don’t see any point in going into detail about how tough the recovery is going to be.  But the doctor says he will recover.  And we’re trying to hold on to that thought through the rough days that are coming, days with a tracheotomy tube and a feeding tube.  He’s a good man.  Please add him and his wife to your prayers. 

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Shelley said...

I'll send good thoughts for complete and comfortable healing his way, Ernie. It is encouraging that the Dr. predicts a successful recovery.