Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Days and Jewelry

A rainy day in Atlanta.  And rainy days and jewelry making just seem to go together!  So I plan to get a head start on my Fall Fest jewelry making this weekend since it is supposed to be overcast and rainy for most of the weekend.  I agreed to share a table with a friend at the Fall Fest taking place in our office building in mid-October.  She is a painter and will be exhibiting her paintings but didn't feel she had enough to really justify an entire table so she asked me if I would join her.  I told her I would be out of town and she volunteered to handle it all on her own if I would provide the materials.  How could I say no to that?  She's been a good friend so I don't have to worry about her honesty and it will be interesting to see if any sales come out of it.  I plan to have my pendants made with my kumihimo cords and lots of earrings.  And Saint Gene is making earring displays even as I type!!  I have approximately 12 pendants and want to have about 60-80 pairs of earrings available.  So maybe, just maybe.......

Joy Journal: Access to a color laser printer today!


Shelley said...

Hi, Ernie! It's so good to see you blogging again. Your jewelry sounds interesting...I'd love to see what kind of pendants and earrings you are making. Maybe you'll post some pictures?!

Anetka said...

Hi Ernie, Shelley just took thoughts out of my head. Would it be possible for you to show us some earings? Would love to see them:)
Glad to see you posting, missed you!!!

best wishes,

PS. Good luck with your sale:))