Thursday, January 07, 2010


Hey, this is the South!! We're aren't supposed to be having this much cold weather. We don't like it! The picture above is of a power plant we can see from our office window. This plant usually sits quiet and almost unnoticed. It's primary use is to produce power when there is a much larger than usual demand. Well, as you can see from the steam pouring out, it's seriously producing power because there is a much larger than usual demand. We're freezing here! And, yes, that is steam, not smoke. The tall stack occasionally produces some smoke and we expect that tonight it will do so since the forecast is for sleet, freezing rain and snow. Yikes!! The picture was taken through a tinted window so it required some altering and it still isn't great quality, but you get the idea.

Joy Journal: A good heater in my car!

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