Friday, January 01, 2010

"Do" - My Word for the Year

And this is what I mean by "Do."

"Just for today:  I will live through this day only.  I will not brood about yesterday or obsess about tomorrow.  I know that I can do something for 24 hours that would overwhelm me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime.

Just for today:  I will be happy.  I will not dwell on thoughts that depress me.

Just for today:  I will accept what is.  I will face reality.  I will correct those things that I can correct and accept those I cannot.

Just for today:  I will improve my mind.  I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration. I will not be a mental loafer.

Just for today:  I will make a conscious effort to be agreeable.  I will be kind and courteous to those who cross my path, and I'll not speak ill of others.  I will improve my appearance, speak softly and not interrupt when someone else is talking.

Just for today:  I will refrain from improving anybody but myself.

Just for today:  I will do something positive to improve my health.  If I'm a smoker, I'll quit.  If I am overweight, I will eat healthfully - if only just for today.  And not only that, I will get off the couch and take a brisk walk even if it's only around the block.

Just for today:  I will gather the courage to do what is right and take responsibility for my actions."

      written by Dear Abby for her newspaper column some years ago.

Joy Journal: A beautiful sunshiney start to a new year.

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Shelley said...

Ernie, thanks so much for sharing the Dear Abby article. It is such a timely reminder to begin the New Year. I am to my best to remember that NOW is the only moment that matters, as I have a tendency to ruminate over the past, and stress about the future, and forget to enjoy the present. I am going to copy this and put it somewhere I will remember to read it, and I think I will change "just for today" to "just for this moment"!

My "Word" for 2010 is "SELF". Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-nurture, self-care, self-consciousness (not the shy, bashful sort, but just being aware and accepting of myself, conscious of my worth, and being OK with who I am!).