Sunday, February 07, 2010

Daytime Photography

Mid-day shadows are so "contrasty" that it's hard to get decently exposed photos. But when that is the only time of day you have available, then you just go for it. If you've been reading my blog, then you know that my brother is in the hospital. He is currently in ICU, having gone through a really scary episode which I won't detail here. Just suffice it to say that we're glad that he is still with us. But because he is in ICU we can't spend that much time with him. And since he is hospitalized in Macon, I am staying in my mother's house so that I can help my sister-in-law look after him. During the down time today I went to Rosehill Cemetery, an old, historic cemetery here in Macon with a good array of fancy statuary. So my lunchtime portrait for today is an angel on the top of a child's gravestone from 1800's.

Joy Journal: Hearing a doctor say, "He's showing definite improvement."

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