Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation! Let's Hear it for Vacation!!

I'm going to be taking some real vacation this weekend. VACATION! No medical emergencies, no hospitals involved (I hope!!!), nothing of that nature. I'm going to Clay Fandango in Leesburg, Florida to spend a long weekend playing with polymer clay. The upcoming weekend will feature day long classes by Julie Picarello, Sarah Shriver and Christi Friesen. I'm particularly excited about the class by Julie Picarello since I've long wanted to learn her particular Mokume Gane tecnhique. I promise that if I make anything worth photographing I'll share pictures of the projects. Often, the things I make in class don't look all that great. But since I'm there to learn I don't have a problem with that. Any technique takes a while to become internalized and it takes even longer for it to become incorporated in my particular style of work.

I do love learning new stuff. Saint Gene often says I take classes, not to use what I learn, but just because I love taking classes. (Don't tell him, but he may be right!) And being with other creative people who share my interests is revitalizing. Of course, I get the "buy it" curse after a class. I have to immediately stock up on the things we used in class and then those items join the thousands of other "things" in my studio that sit there just waiting for my attention. Maybe when I retire............

I don't talk much about my arts endeavors other than photography here on my blog, but in actuality I play/dabble/whatever in quite a few mediums - beading, painting, etc. It's just that photography is the easiest one to include in a blog.

Barb VL, I'll miss having you at the workshop with me.

Rain, rain, go away. The workshop is being held on the shores of a beautiful lake and it would be wonderful to be able to get outside!! So rain, rain, go away.

Joy Journal: A fun joke a friend sent to me.

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Odd Chick said...

CAn't wait to hear about this class and see your pics and projects! I have recently been messing with sculpey.