Monday, July 26, 2010

Baubles and Bangles

Polymer Clay BraceletPolymer Clay Bracelet view 2
A few people have asked me to post some pictures of my polymer clay work so they can see the type of things I make. Ok. Your wish is my command (in some cases, anyway). Above are two views of a bracelet I made a few years ago. It features a technique called mokume gane and I used only scrap clay. The project was simple but it required quite a few steps to get to a finished bracelet.

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Anonymous said...

The bracelet looks like a polished exotic wood. Very beautiful.

Anetka said...

Very nice bracelet. I love this kind of jewelery but unfortunately cannot wear anything apart from gold and silver, otherwise I get skin reaction.

At least I can admire:))
Glad to see you back Ernie:)

scribbler said...

LOVE this! (finally figured out how to follow - THEN I had to figure out how to see when something new was posted. Progress is a beautiful thing! :c )

Odd Chick said...

This is exquisite and looks very expensive. Only you could have photographed it so beautifully as to show it's color and richness!