Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wonder of it All

Baby Tomatoes

How do I convey the absolute wonder of sitting here eating a tomato sandwich made from a tomato picked from one of my tomato plants? That burst of REAL tomato flavor when I bite into the sandwich. Fifteen tomato plants, yep, fifteen. And judging from the picture above of yet-to-ripen tomatoes, there is more goodness to come.

Yes, you're right, I can obsess about home grown tomatoes.

Joy Journal: Long night with unbroken sleep

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie,

It's good to see a new post from you. Sending good wishes. DH and I are also eagerly awaiting fresh tomatoes.

Sherry, from the Photoyear list.

BTW, the only way I have found to comment is to click on anonymous.