Thursday, August 12, 2010


Seeing the tabletop jukebox at Johnny Rocket's a few weeks ago turned my thoughts toward other things that used to be such a common sight but that I almost never see now. When is the last time you used a pay phone? There used to be one on almost every corner and certainly there would be one at the next service station you came up on. Now they probably deserve a place on the endangered species list.
pay phone I can remember not that long ago when the L'eggs pantyhose racks at Wal-Mart took up quite a lot of display space. Now, you have to really be looking for them to find them (and I don't find myself really looking for them, either). So many things have changed in such a short span of time.

And now they are predicting the demise of printed books. That one might break my heart. Sigh.

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Odd Chick said...

The blue in this one just grabs my soul and HOW, HOW in the friggin world do you make a payphone so awesomely beautiful??? only you my dear and your awesome talent behind that camera! I wish I had just fingernail full of it.