Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Little Ebony


Sweet, wonderful little Ebony, she's such a trooper. If you read about when we got her you know that she had a bad eye caused by some old injury. Well, one day very recently the eye went from bad to very, very bad. I won't go graphic on you but it wasn't pretty and I'm sure it was very, very painful. It had become extremely infected without any outward symptoms until it was too late. As soon as we saw it we took her to her vet who let us know immediately that the eye would have to be removed. But just to be sure we took her the next day to a veterinary eye specialist who concurred, the eye would have to be removed. So the surgery was performed and we brought her home that night. Now she is sporting a collar (which she hates) and bright pink stitches which she has to have for another week.

But someone forgot to tell her that she was supposed to be quiet and calm and remain in her bed. No way. She isn't having any part of that. She's happy and bouncy and full of life. We did keep her mostly quiet the first two days by using some heavy pain medication which kept her a little groggy. And we tried our best to keep her from jumping up or down from the sofa, going up or down our stairs, etc. But she's a quick little thing and would be up the stairs before you even knew she was around. And now that the danger of bleeding has passed she's doing wonderfully. But she still hates that collar.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy that she's healing well. Maybe a bright pink eye patch is in her future - or not. In the photo the pink stitches look like long, pink eye lashes.