Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beautiful Colors Make Me Happy

I've always loved glassware. I used to have a family Christmas dinner (not THE Christmas dinner) every year and my favorite part of the preparation was setting out all of the sparkling clear glass plates, cups, glasses, etc. The table was always colorful and the clear glass made a perfect foil for all of the color. But I've never owned any of the bright colored glassware. And I confess, I lusted after these red beauties. But since I am fighting the "hoarding" urge (have you seen that program? Yikes!!!) I didn't buy any. But I WANT!!!
Joy Journal: Nice, cool, Fall weather.


Anonymous said...

I don't have colored glassware, but I too love the sparkle of crystal and fine China at holiday dinners.


Linda B said...

This picture and the one of the Christmas ornaments are so right for a blog that belongs to Gypsy Gold!