Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Riotous Profusion of Color


That's a mouthful to say - but the gorgeous color at the end of my driveway is an eyeful to see! Really stunning. We don't often have the leaves remaining on the maple and dogwood at the same time the sasanquas are blooming but this year all three are in full glory. I know I posted a similar picture in my last post but you have to remember - I really like color. And to have this display in my very own yard is super special. In a few days, maybe by this weekend, the trees will be bare, the leaves having given up the fight and settled on the ground beneath them. But the sasanquas, ah the beautiful little sasanquas, they will bloom for the next month or so. The bountiful little pink/fuschia flowers will be burned by freezing temperatures and within a day or so many, many more fresh-faced little beauties will take their place and the cycle will be repeated for well over a month.

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scribbler said...

beautiful...what a vision

Krafty Kat said...

This is so fabulously gorgeous, Ernie!