Saturday, June 11, 2011

Traveling Art Journal

Traveling Journal
I've been asked by several of you to show some of my art in addition to my photos so I decided to show you the art work I did in my traveling journal. This journal is making the rounds for several other artists to add their art work (and I do some art in their journals). Unfortunately, the colors aren't quite as colorful in the photo as they are in real life and the metallics don't show up as metallic at all. The quote on the left hand side reads, "Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves all at the same time." And just wait until you see the art that Odd Chick did in my journal. Wow! I'll you show you that in another post.

Joy Journal: Fireflies and crickets in the early evening


Shelley said...

Beautiful! What a great quote about art too.

Odd Chick said...

This was so scrumptious! I'm so glad you posted it and shared although you're right -it doesn't show the rich colors and wonderful texture that just make you want to touch it. Your art is FABULOUS! I've tried and tried to recreate some of things I saw in your art and never come out as beautiful as yours.
I so loved this traveling art journal project! Sometimes when you get to visit someone's home you feel like you know them better. Having someone send their created art feels like I almost got to visit in your home- or maybe a little piece of your soul.