Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities
Few of you have met Saint Gene so you wouldn't know that even though he IS a saint, he is also very much crazy. The picture above speaks volumes about the man. This, gentle reader, is the phone in my husband's man cave. Yes, this teddy bear is a phone. A speaker phone. And an animated phone. The mouth opens and closes as the caller talks. And it's as big as it looks like it is. And he loves it. You now have proof that he's crazy. As I've said before, we are a perfect match (except for the saint part - so NOT me).

Joy Journal: My mother smiled at me. First time in a long time.


Just Jane said...

That's about the cutest crazy I've ever seen! What is there not to love?

Linda B said...

Match made in heaven!

Gaelyn said...

Looks better than just an ugly old phone. Crazy is Good.

Sherry C said...

Too cute. Reading your description made me smile :-) Thanks for sharing this little jewel about your DH.