Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old and New Combined

Applied an old bead style (rolled paper beads) to a new technique I learned today at my polymer guild meeting and came up with some polymer beads I really like. Of course, they aren't nearly as big as the photo would make you think and this isn't the greatest photo of them either, the longest bead measures about 1 inch, but the bright jewel colors on the gold background really speak to the "ooh sparkly" part of me. And "ooh sparkly" is a large part of me!! It was great fun getting to spend some quality time with other creative people who are also fun and easy to be around. Wish I lived closer so we could get together more frequently. But today was a good day, relaxing, fun and even productive! Now to go play with the remaining polymer.


Joy Journal: A really funny joke.


Gaelyn said...

I remember making rolled paper beads and beads made out of polymer, but not together. I like the sparkly.

Just Jane said...

Oooo! Sparkly!