Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yes, But Do I NEED It?

I want a macro/close-up lens for my camera. A big girl macro lens, not just the little rings that screw onto the end of my current lens. The picture above is reasonably close up but I want it to be sharp and even closer. Not just close but macro close, you know, like nose in the flower close. But the problem lies in defining the line between "need" and "want". My list of wants is lengthy and always will be. I just find so many things interesting and there are so many things I want to do, places I want to see, that my Want list gets pretty lengthy. But many items try to cross over to my "I really need this" list. I haven't been that active with my photography recently, other things had to be given priority, so the macro/close up lens stayed firmly on the Want list. But after trying to photograph my gardenias "up close and personal" I find the macro/close up lens creeping ever closer to the Need side of the lists. I recently found the wireless printer had jumped from the Want to the Need column but I managed to beat it back into submission and back onto the Want list. The macro/close up lens, however, seems to be winning the battle.



Joy Journal: My bright red deck umbrella


Sherry C said...

That's the thing about retirement - you have the time to discover more things that you want/need.

Shelley said...

I'm with you...I NEED a good macro lens. There's no substitute if you want to get "up close and personal" with flowers. I haven't bought one yet either, but it's definitely on the Need list someday.