Saturday, August 19, 2006

Midget and Beemer

Here's a fun little layout I did today for a challenge at SBB - Coffeequeen's "Coffee with the Queen" challenge. (Don't you just love that name!) I love simple layouts and this one really appeals to me. It's not as fancy as many of the layouts in the SBB gallery but that's ok, it's more my style than most. And I love these colors. The "inspiration" Laurie used was a set of plates with a softly colored, very graphic design - I would LOVE to have a set of those plates! This layout was done for Beemer. Beemer was one of two young brothers who had been hanging around Gene's shop. They were totally wild and we had to tame them and acclimate them to living with dogs. But they became very social animals in no time at all and were just wonderful little pets (and quite serious hunters!! - especially Beemer). We named them for their coloration. I had a good time coming up with their names: The smallest of the two was was a mostly grey little cat with some touches of white. So (and I'm giving away the convulated way my mind works here), he was named "MG" for "Mostly Grey," which immediately became "MG Midget" for a car I used to own, which immediately became "Midget." Then, because this one had a "Bit More White" than Midget, he became "BMW," and was, of course, called "Beemer." We took them to the vet as soon as we got them and had them vaccinated and neutered, but apparently they had already been exposed to feline leukemia and after about a year and a half, they both became ill and died within a short time of each other. They were strange and wonderful little cats. They wouldn't drink from a water dish, oh no! They drank instead from our water garden, dipping their paws into the water and then licking the water off their paws. Guess they liked that fishy taste. Midget would curl up into anything round, even if it was smaller than he was. Beemer would climb up behind me in the recliner and drape himself around my neck. I will miss those little boys for a long, long time.

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Mary said...

I enjoyed reading about your cats. I lost two to feline leukemia before there was a shot for it. One of them wasn't obviously sick yet, but there was no way for me to keep her quarantined from another cat who somehow didn't have it. That was really hard.