Sunday, August 13, 2006


Spent a wonderful fun day at Jo's yesterday playing with alcohol inks and little candy tins. It was also a reminder that vinyl gloves are hot, hot, hot. My hands were wet and looked like little prunes when I took the gloves off. But I had to choose between wearing gloves or going to work Monday with red, purple and green hands. Those alcohol inks take days to wash off. But what a fun technique it was! I love bright colors and that's what we played with - BRIGHT colors. (I'll post pictures when I get time to take them.) I think I've found the project I want to do for office Christmas presents. These little colorful tins with a few ribbons and bows would make great sewing kits, first aid kits, etc.

Today I took my courage by the hand and installed new high speed USB ports into my computer, two rows of 5 each. My courage is named Gene and I let him do it. I do software, he does hardware. And between us we manage just fine. The computer was bought in '03 and the USB ports were all 1.1. The new 400 Gig external hard drive (that's right 400 GIGS!! MINE, ALL MINE!!) connects through USB and I could tell that it was operating slower than it should because the ports weren't high speed. Now they are! So there! Putting them in was apparently quite easy (I couldn't stand to watch. Computer blood makes me faint). And all I was supposed to have to do was put the CD in and let it install the software. But as far as I could tell no installation ever took place. But the new ports are working just fine. I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth, I'm just using the new ports as they are.

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Laurie said...

Baaahahahahha! I laughed so hard! I can so see you with your hair all wild and wooly, your lab coat on, standing in a crazy lighting storm with your 400GB HD, shouting into the storm- "MINE!!! ALLLL MINE!!!!" And yet in the next scene...handing the screwdriver to Igor (George with a humpback and surgeons mask)saying "You d it, computer blood makes me faint."
Too funny!