Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gratitude List

Trying to come up with today's list of 5 things that I'm grateful for is a struggle. Today hasn't been wonderful. It hasn't been bad, it just hasn't been anything to blog about either. So I'm going to create the list and maybe I can fill it in as the day goes along. I could list all of the usual things like good weather, good health, etc. but I want to dig a little deeper than that. Which doesn't mean I'm not grateful for those things!
  1. My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning. I continue to be surprised that this is something he WANTS to do and that he seems to enjoy it! I know I enjoy it!!!
  2. Both of my geriatric animals (Cowgirl {15} and Stripes {16}) seem to be continuing in good health and having happy lives.
  3. Jolty's Java made my "Misto" just perfect this morning. The drive to work is so much more endurable on those days that I indulge myself with my "special" coffee.
  4. Which leads to another thing I'm grateful for. I'm grateful that I have a good car, one that is reliable, is in good condition and looks good. I see people driving around in old, beat up clunkers and I'm glad that God has made it possible for me to have a decent car - a wonderfully reliable Honda Accord, a good solid car.
  5. My tomato vines are almost outgrowing their planters! We've enjoyed some of the large tomatoes as sandwiches and the grape tomatoes are fun to just pick and eat standing on the deck.
Hey! I made my five things and they turned out to be good things too! So the day really is looking up.
Going to start on my "Flylady" program tonight. The house is still in pretty good shape since our Great Cleanup back in early June (family coming to visit forced us to do it!) and I want to get a system and schedule going to keep it this way. It's nice coming home to a house that's neat and clean. And I'm loving the results of the work I did in my bathroom during the Great Cleanup. The soft yellow walls are wonderful and it's great having the shelves back up on the wall.
Tried creating with my polymer clay last night after I got home from work, but was feeling particularly uncreative. I really didn't like anything I made but I kept trying. I should probably have just put it down and gone on to something else. But I didn't. But I did come up with a little idea that I want to try - but it was 1:30 a.m. and I decided going to bed was the BEST idea at the moment. Tonight, well maybe tonight the idea will work out.
The new Digishoptalk website is in the process of finalizing their layout and they posted the first part of it today. Unfortunately, they've decided on some really garish colors for the background of the pages. Sad to say, but the colors will probably keep me from hanging out there very much. Makes my eyes tired! Read some threads on their Forums boards that made me a little uptight also. Some people just like to antagonize others - I guess for the shock value. PUHLEESE! Grow up already. Now if only SBB would get their act in order, I could get back to enjoying their site.
Now, back to the salt mine....

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Laurie said...

Ernie! I love your blog header! Beautiful! I think I followed a lead to your blog through a post on the FlyLady. Need to get back on her wagon :) . Okay, so at the bottom of this post, you mentioned you wished SBB would get their act together...tell me tell me tell me wht we can do. We really do aim toplease, and I promise you won't hurt our feelings. How can we make it a better place. Email me at laurie@sbbemail.com .
PS- I love to play with polymer clay too, although I seriously need several more hours in every day to dabble in everything I like!