Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My Flylady Sink was nice and shiny this morning! Ok, ok, just in case you don't know already, Flylady is a cleaning/organization/declutter system that I'm trying to employ to keep my house nice and clean. You can find out more by checking out They list specific tasks, strategies, etc. for those of us who are "housekeeping challenged." But be forewarned, if you sign up to receive their emails (and signup is free) you will be absolutely deluged with emails from them. That's part of their system, they send you an email (and it seems like every 15 minutes) telling you do this, do that, etc. I elected not to receive any more emails!!!! I've started making my Control Journal, and last night before I went to bed I started my Evening Routine. I forgot to check my Morning Routine today. One of main tenets of Flylady is having a clean, shiny sink before you go to bed. So I cleaned my sink last night (as well as the rest of the kitchen) and woke up to a semi-shiny sink this morning - only semi-shiny because Gene makes the coffee when he gets up and that, of necessity, means that the sink gets used before I get up. Not a complaint, I promise, I LOVE getting my coffee in bed each morning. Tonight I am going to do my first "27-fling boogy" in the master bedroom. Yikes! That means I have to throw away stuff. Discipline, Ernie, you can do it!!!

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