Friday, September 22, 2006

Miss Me?

I've been a busy, busy little girl (ok, big girl) the past few weeks. Haven't had time to do much of anything except work. Nice to be busy at the office, but a little moderation would be good!! I created two entries for Ztampf's (Fhung Lie) Contest in her store that I think turned out quite nice. Not much chance of winning what with all of the talented designers and scrapbookers out there, but I had a good time doing these and I learned some new things in the process. I actually made use of the MeshWarp tool in PSP and the Lighten/Darken tool, both tools with which I had very limited experience. All of the elements and papers in both were created by Ztampf. Want to see my entries? Here they are:

My mother was released from wearing her "stylish" broken toe boot yesterday and she was finally able to drive her new car!! She is going to love it. It drives so much better than her old car. And looks a lot better too!

Talked with Jackie today about StampArt Jubilee. They are going to officially close the store in the next month or two. She seems excited about going back into nursing full time. I can't say I blame her, running your own business creates an incredible amount of stress and I'm sure it will feel pretty good to let someone else take care of the details for a change. And to have insurance benefits. I'm basically taking the store webpage down today and Jackie will re-open it when she has time to get the on-line store going.

Now back to the salt mines...

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Mary said...

I did miss you. I like your layouts. I have some pictures of my grandmothers that I want to use in layouts. One of my favorites is badly damaged. It takes a lot of time and patience to fix a damaged photo...maybe a job for a snowy day this winter.