Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Netgear Mini Print Router

Exciting title on this post, right? I am just getting so high tech it's incredible. First I networked my home computers, now tonight I'll be installing a wireless print router so I can print from the comfort of my deck - if the weather in Atlanta ever warms up. Ah, the joys of being unconnected (in a good sort of way). I can now waste ink and paper from anyplace on the estate. (Does 1-1/4 acres in a old, old subsdivision constitute an estate? If my junky, messy craft area can be my studio, then my subdivision lot can be my estate, right?) Now I'll be able to walk down to the creek, sit in my swing, cruise the gallery at SBB and print. Uh, that's kind of a strange sequence isn't it. But I'll ABLE to do it if I want to.


Holly said...

Hey Ernie - thought I'd pay you a visit! Sounded like you wanted company from the forum post at SBB LOL! I actually just shut my blog down yesterday - not sure why - just another thing to up-keep and keep me at this darn computer really. I'll be back to "check" up on you!

Hummie said...

yeah! Feels strange but good, huh? I find it interesting that you needed a special router for printing. I just networked my laptop directly to my desktop and was able to print too. Maybe you don't have a desktop.

I cannot wait for the warm weather so I can take my laptop outside!

Trish Jones said...

Kewl about your print router, we are going to have to do that one day here I think - then again we will see with the teenagers in the house LOL

knitten kitten said...


I wanted to stop by and say hey! I've blogrolled you so I'll be by again (I'm excited that you do jewelry. I'm just getting into beading and such myself)You ought to post a pic of that knitting as well. I'd love to see it. Don't be a stranger!