Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

Congratulations, Peyton! You played great. (Like, yeah, Peyton Manning is going to read my blog, sure he is.) Gene and I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night, especially since the team we were pulling for won. Not truly a great game, but then the Super Bowl seldom is. We recorded the game for a friend whose daughter is overseas and didn't have access to seeing it. I sat back at my craft table playing with my polymer clay while Gene stretched out in his recliner.

I made a new pendant with the clay last night that I really, really like. Pictures later, it isn't totally finished. Now I have to decide how I want to hang it. I didn't make the back quite thick enough to drill into it so am going to have to devise some other way to hang it. I used a brass filigree insert in the front of the piece and I think I will glue another to the back and hang it that way. Gene will be attending a lecture tonight so I should have time to get it completely finished. I'm really pleased with how the pendant turned out and when I refine the technique a little I may make a few more to put in my spring Relay for Life jewelry sale - which isn't that far away!

Also started getting my "stuff" ready for the Florida in February Retreat which is coming up in a few weeks. (At least I HOPE the retreat will take place. The retreat location is right in the middle of the area where all the destruction from the tornadoes occurred a day or so ago. What a sad situation. My heart breaks for all of the people involved in that tragedy.) I've got polymer clay "stuff" spread out all over the floor and table trying to get it a little organized so that the packing will make some sense. I want to do a separate "kit" for each class this time to cut down on some of the confusion of transferring from one class to the other. Barb Verni-Lau from Asheville is going to be my roommate and we're taking the same set of classes so we should have a great time. I'm so glad I met her at the Asheville workshop. She is such a fun person.

Talk about a shock, I was named the featured scrapper at Scrapbook-Bytes last week! Totally unexpected. This is something new they are doing and I was the first one chosen. It felt really great to see my name in lights - ok, to see my name in type is more accurate. I do try to make a positive contribution at SBB and it was good to see that it was noticed. Thanks, Amy and gang, I really appreciate the honor.

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