Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Houston or Bust

Gene and I made a mad-dash trip to Houston over the Memorial Day weekend to attend his family reunion. 1700 miles. Long. We left Douglasville Friday night at 7 and arrived in Hattiesburg, MS around 1 AM. Left the next morning and drove to Houston, arriving at approximately 6 PM, Saturday. Rode around Saturday night and took some fun pictures of the oil refineries lit up at night. It’s amazing how something so grimy and nasty looking during the day can turn into something so magical at night. It’s kind of hard to find a place to take a good picture since the best viewing is from the interstate overpasses. But Gene managed to get close to several and some of the pictures are (to me anyway) quite good. We went to the family reunion Sunday at 11 AM and left at 4 PM headed back home. Made it to Hattiesburg around 11 PM, got up Monday at 8 and drove to Douglasville. Fortunately, the driving weather was great and the mini-van is as comfortable as a vehicle can be when you’re driving that far. I’ve already told them that I don’t plan on being there next year but will try to make it every other year. It was good to see everyone but it was even better to be back home.

Houston Scrapbook Page

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Hummie said...

Oh, yuck! I hate traveling long distances, but have to do it all the time. But family is worth it, huh?

So, are you going to share those oil refinery photos? That's something I've never seen or thought of taking photos of and I'm curious!