Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just For You, Hummie

Ok, Hummie, you asked for them. So here they are - some of my refinery pictures. Click on them to see the larger version since the larger version really is a better picture than the small size. The last picture is of a swing set in a small, small park that we passed on the way home from taking the refinery pictures. All of these were made using only the light available and using a monopod to steady the camera. I did do some minor touching up in Paint Shop Pro to make them a little sharper in the small size displayed here. See them in a bigger, better version by clicking on the individual picture.


Hummie said...

I need to get me a monopod! These turned out fabulous. You really made me smile when I spied the header. :) This is certainly a sensational spot to take photos. I especially like the subtleness of the smoke in the first two photos. Why, I don't know because it looks cool in the others where you see more of it, but in the first ones it gives an abiance to the photo. And there's something really lurking by way of lesson in the playground shot....I'd have to think on that analogy.

Laura Burger Digi Designs said...

The pictures turned out wonderful, I must try this one of these days. Thanks for inspiring me to try more things with my camera