Monday, May 07, 2007

A Kind-Hearted Man

My husband is a good, kind-hearted man. He worked on a secret project this weekend and unveiled it to me tonight when we got home. It's a handicap ramp for Cowgirl! Cowgirl is our geriatric dog, 15 years old, and stairs and steps have become increasingly difficult for her. We've had a pet door for many years but going back into the house required Cowgirl to go up two steps to get to the door. Not anymore. Now she has a ramp. And she loves it!! (The angle isn't nearly as steep as the picture makes it look. It's a nice, gentle rise that is perfect for Cowgirl. You're a good, good man, my husband.
Cowgirl's Ramp


Hummie said...

Wow, look at that! What skills he has to create such a thing. It's neat.

Kim Cavender said...

How sweet of him Ernie! It sounds like he loves Cowgirl as much as you do. She's a lucky dog to have such good parents!