Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's So Honking Big!!!

Well, I'm mostly enjoying my new laptop, but I had no idea the thing would be so honking big!! I got so caught up in the 17" hype at the Scrapbooking forums that I never really thought about getting out a ruler and measuring how big the thing would be. And I didn't realize the 17" was actually meant to be a desktop replacement. I didn't need a desktop replacement! I wanted a laptop. And I have one other problem, the monitor colors aren't very true. The display is gorgeous, nice and crystal clear, but oranges are light brown, etc. And I can't find a way to change it. I'm going to visit the Dell site today and see if I can find something. I dread the thought of dealing with their customer service, especially since I am not fluent in any of India's multiple dialects. Other than those two things (one my fault, one theirs), the laptop is working great. It picked up my home network with no problems at all, I love that it has Windows XP and I enjoy sitting with my husband as he watches TV and I play on the computer.

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Hummie said...

When you go to scrap though, you will be thankful for the big moniter. At times, I wish mine were smaller for travel, but then it would be too hard to scrap.