Sunday, June 24, 2007

Does it Get Any Better?

This weekend was just great. Saturday - slept in late, had my breakfast served to me in bed, went to Hunter Park and did my very first geocache (my first, my husband's second), had a great hamburger for lunch, played with my camera in between just being lazy on the deck, went to Michael's with my husband, had a great steak for dinner and finished the day playing on my computer. Sunday - slept in late, had breakfast served to me on the deck, played with my camera while my husband went and checked out some letterboxing sites, attended my polymer clay guild meeting, played with my computer, had a great dinner. Weather was hot and somewhat humid but it doesn't matter, I love summer and can take a little heat and humidity. A great weekend. Here's a picture of my hubby admiring the first cache I found:


Krafty Kat said...

Got your comment. I haven't advertised my blog much since I just started and am anything but consistent! Please do let me know when you come over Stone Mountain way. Found my first letterbox yesterday. Quite exciting! Haven't been able to convince my hubby yet that this is a worthwhile hobby. And your Wal-mart got rid of U-scan? Mine sure haven't.

Hummie said...

Oh, hey, I'd like breakfast in bed...send em on over!

That's a great relaxed natural photo! I have never geocached before..sounds fun.