Friday, June 22, 2007

If Summer

If Summer wore a watch, it would always be happy hour.
If Summer were a perfume, it would smell like clean sheets with notes of melon, lime and toasted marshmallows.
If Summer joined a band, it would play the windchimes.
If Summer went on a roadtrip, it would drive a Ford Woody with all the windows rolled down.
If Summer carried an umbrella, it would be in a drink.
If Summer had a nickname, it would be Skeeter.
If Summer went to school, it would take hula lessons.
If Summer had a favorite movie, it would be Picnic.
If Summer were a dog, it would sleep under the house all day.
If Summer were a country, its flag would be a faded t-shirt.
If Summer were a job, we’d want to work weekends.
If Summer were a party, we’d crash it.
Author unknown

I love Summer, heat, humidity and all.


Hummie said...

Oh, I've never read this...I enjoyed the parallels.

Monique said...

oh i love the poem! it is sooo true, and i love summer too... who doesn't?! have a great day!

jen said...

great poem, love the line about the umbrella. great photos on wednesdays post too.

Cyndy said...

I've never heard this poem! Love it, especially the part about the flag being a faded t-shirt.

Mary said...

Ohhh Gosh, wish I had your attitude about loving summer I have my moments but not all the time, LOL The poem is awesome.TFS

Sarah said...

What a Beautiful Poem! Thanks for the Birthday WisheS! Have a Great Weekend! :)

20Birds said...

well i guess someone has to lvoe the summer... or rather the heat... i love summer inside with my A/C full blast